TRANScend Youth

Original art and poem by Teddy Skye (he/him)




it is not so much coming out as it is coming home. 


it takes time finding your little spot in the world

maybe in a city where the night shines brighter than the day

or a quaint little village beyond the main road

or deep into the woods sheltered from view

but you’ll pack your bags and 



finding the right key takes time too.

those little mountains and valleys 

sharp and golden

shouldn’t be so different. and yet.


but when you find the right one

you get to open the door.


and it’s a fixer upper, 

to be sure

but the space has 



and maybe you fix some pipes

or just paint the walls. 

but it’s your favorite color now. 


you put your little trinkets on your own little shelves

give it the markings of a life well lived.



you throw a little housewarming

show off your hard work 

to your friends

to the world.


your little

fixer upper 

look at how far it’s come.


it isn’t just coming out,

it is letting in.

it is all the time that comes with 






and it is all that comes after. 


it is not just coming out. 


it is coming Home. 



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