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   Questions Answered By: Teddy Skye (he/him)


   Hello, and welcome one and all to the first edition of “Ask A Trans Kid!” Today, I, (a trans kid), will answer questions about, well…”Ask A Trans Kid!”


   You may be wondering, dear reader, “what is ‘Ask A Trans Kid’”? Which is a perfect segue to the first question: 


   “What is ‘Ask A Trans Kid’ ?” 


   “Ask A Trans Kid” will be a recurring series on the TRANScend Youth Blog where the general public can have their questions about the trans youth experience answered by actual trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer youth! 


   “Why is ‘Ask A Trans Kid’ a thing?”


 Speaking from personal experience, everyone has questions about being a young trans person in this day and age. And I know I’m not   the only trans kid who gets them, too!  It can be really hard to answer questions about your own experience, especially when you’re first coming out (and that’s when most of the questions are asked!) 


 While Google and other major search engines can provide great resources about transgender & trans youth issues, they’re not often   answered by people with real life experience. This can lead to all sorts of generalizations and misinformation being spread around,  which can be incredibly harmful. 


   Here, anyone who wants to ask questions can, and can know they’re getting an answer from someone who’s lived through it. And in   addition, actual trans and genderqueer youth will get a platform to help educate, shed light on myths and misconceptions, and share   their own experiences with the public at large. 


It’s what I like to call a win-win scenario!


   “Who will the questions be answered by?”


   Don’t worry, they won’t all be answered by me! I will likely answer a good number of them, especially in the beginning as we build up our team, but all questions will be answered by a team of, well, trans kids!


   Our writers, also known as our TRANScribers, will all be trans and genderqueer youth with a variety of different identities, backgrounds, and experiences!


   Questions will be answered by the TRANScriber most qualified to answer it. So for example, I, a gender queer/fluid transmasculine person, will not answer any questions about the transfeminine experience. Those will be instead answered by a transfeminine TRANScriber!  But if a question comes in about femininity and FTM transition, then you’ll likely see my name as the author! 


   When there are more general questions, like about coming out or medical transition, you will likely see multiple names at the top of the post. Things like coming out or medical transition can be dramatically different from person to person, and we want to give our question askers the best and most thorough answers possible! 


   And if a question comes in that none of our TRANScribers feel comfortable answering, we will hold off on answering the question and look for someone who does! Our TRANScribers should and will be a diverse group of trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer young people so as many questions can be answered as possible, with the same level of authenticity!


   No TRANScriber can or will ever speak to the ‘universal trans experience’. I’m not quite sure such a thing even exists, really. There are a lot of us, after all! But we’ll always answer to the best of our own abilities and base our answers off our own lived experience. 


   “What will the posts look like?”


   A lot like this, actually! 


   Some posts may answer multiple connected questions (like this one!), and some will take on just one, often a more complicated and multifaceted question. Some questions may even be answered by multiple TRANScribers! Look at that! 


   Posts will have the TRANScriber(s) information at the top so you can know who has answered each one, and look a whole lot like this FAQ in terms of format. There may also be additional links to media or resources if the TRANScriber recommends it or the question calls for it, which can be found next to or inside the reference as a hyperlink, and at the end of each post. 


   Specific content warnings, if applicable, can be found at the top of every post beneath the author information. Not everything about the trans experience is amazing, a large part of why this blog and TRANScend exists, and I don’t want to pretend it is. I also don’t want to prevent people from asking questions about the hard experiences that, unfortunately, sometimes come with being a trans person in today’s world. 


   “Ask A Trans Kid” will be a space to educate, above anything else, and we want to answer your questions as authentically as we can. But we’ll still have lots of fun here, I promise! 


   “What kind of questions can I ask? And where can I submit them?”


   “Ask A Trans Kid” is the perfect place to ask your burning questions about the trans experience! Have you ever wondered about what it’s like to socially transition? How to find other communities of trans people? Or even want recommendations for some good movies, tv shows, or video games made by trans people and/or with great trans characters? 


   Well you can ask all that and MORE! This is the place to ask your questions, so go for it! Anyone can ask questions, so if you’ve got a question you want answered by a team of qualified, certified trans folks, this is the place! 


   But something to note: TRANScribers will reveal as much or as little about their own experiences at their own discretion, though, so if you ask hyper-specific questions about genitalia, past trauma, or your cousin Alex and why he might be trans, for example, you may not get your question answered. 


   All submitted questions will be filtered through and moderated. We at TRANScend Youth reserve the right to not answer any question submitted to us for any reason. All hate mail will be blocked and dealt with in an appropriate manner. We will always keep our writers safe and happy to answer! 


   But in general, ask away! 


   You can submit all your questions to 


   “I’m a young trans person, can I answer a question? Or become a TRANScriber?” 


   Yes! I would love to have as many trans kids answer questions as possible. As mentioned before, I aim to have our TRANScribers be as diverse a group as possible, so we can get as many questions answered as possible.

   To answer questions, you must:


      -Be a transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, or gender diverse person under the age of 26

      -Have a working email address 

      -Be willing to have your work go through an editing process with a member of the team 

      -Understand this is not a paid position and is volunteer only. When TRANScend Youth’s 501(c)(3) application is approved, volunteer           hours can be given upon request. 


   As of writing this post, we’re still a very small team, and we’d love to have whoever wants to be a part of this thing! So if you’re interested in answering a question or two, or maybe even becoming a TRANScriber yourself, email me at with your information! 


   Please do not send writing samples in your initial email. A resume is okay to send if you have one, but is not in any way, shape, or form needed!


   I’d love to chat with you, so if you’re at all interested in writing for “Ask A Trans Kid!”, email me! I’m friendly, I promise. 


   If you’ve got questions about “Ask A Trans Kid” or want to submit your own questions, send them to !


   That’s all for this post!  I’ll answer your next question soon!


   Signing off, 


   Teddy Skye Garcia (he/him)

   Founder and Executive Director